Tina S and Yngwie Malmsteen “Arpeggios from Hell” Merged Performances! (Hint…Go Tina!)

Many of you know I’ve taken an interest in a young guitarist (age 15) from France called Tina S. I’ve helped spread the word about her since the time she was much less known.  (Her popularity is really beginning to open up now, though, it appears to me. ) Tina started very early in a music conservatory and is well-versed in classical music and classical guitar even at her young age. At 13 or 14, she decided to try electric guitar and other kinds of music. She is not your typical teen “shredder”! (Classical music traditions in her playing are clear to me, and they are some of the things that give her performances a special quality. I think they will, consciously or not, be part of the foundation of her style which is now forming…a style and quality some of us are very excited about!)

Folks, Tina is phenomenal! She has a very bright future in music. One of the more difficult assignments she set for herself at age 14 was to play Yngwie Malmsteen’s “Arpeggios from Hell” which were composed specifically to be very difficult (hence the name). A fan edited the unusual video merging Yngwie Malmsteen’s and Tina’s performances. What do you think? For quality, I’d go for Tina’s. It is clean, beautiful, powerful,and dynamic. (You should probably view her solo video first to easily distinguish between the two performances when merged.)  For those who don’t know, Yngwie Malmsteen is considered one of the great progressive/classical rock guitarists.

I think this is an interesting video that highlights Tina’s fine strengths in a comparative manner. Tina is as cool and wonderful a young guitarist as they come.


Tina’s solo performance

Yngwie Malmsteen and Tina S performances merged

Thanks to another Tina S fan, Mariana Isabel s . v , for the “merged” video!

Tina S YouTube site here

Tina S Facebook page here

[If you are an aspiring guitarist, you should take a look at the online lessons of Tina’s clearly first rate teacher, Renaud Louis-Servais, at Riff State.]


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